How to Choose a Fence Company

In Overland Park, KS there are quite a few fence contractors ready to install your fence, but how do you know which one is right for you?  Of course, you want a quality product at a fair price and installed in a timely fashion, but is there more you should be considering? Before Looking for aContinue Reading

Safety Tips for Barrier Arm Gates

When you purchase a barrier arm gate, the manufacturer should provide you with some sort of safety information. After that point, it is you responsibility to stick to all the proper standards and procedures. We strongly encourage you to read through and get to know the provided safety information before you actually go and operateContinue Reading

Why You Need to Get Heated Photo Eyes

In the winter, your gate is more likely to have issues moving, including opening and closing. Even when the weather heats up a little, there could still be pesky frost forming on your photo eyes. You can try to protect your photo eye with a cover, but no matter what cover you have frost will stillContinue Reading

How to Choose a Replacement Gate Operator

After you’ve had your automatic gate for several years, you should begin to wonder when the right time is to replace your gate operator. It’s important that you keep your gate operator up to date so you’re not using an operator that is old or unsafe. Even after you decide it’s time to replace your operator,Continue Reading