Commercial Sports Fences in Kansas City

Sports-Grade Fence Materials


Having installed sports fencing in Kansas City for 50+ years, we go the extra mile in stocking high-grade materials. Among the many types of recreational fencing we design, fabricate, and install are baseball fences, backstops, tennis court fences, basketball court fencing, you name it.

Multiple Applications for Sports Fencing in Kansas City


No matter the type of sports fencing you need — perimeter barriers for a new baseball field, fencing for a tennis court, a chain link fence with security screening, a safety fence for a swimming pool — our sports fence installation experts are here to advise and assist you.

Aquatic Safety


Fences and gates need to be especially secure — in addition to code compliant — around pools and water parks. The team at AmeriFence Corporation has access to all the code-compliant materials needed for aquatic recreational areas.

Sports Fencing in Kansas City Gallery

Baseball field fencing, basketball court fencing, backstops, waterpark fencing—no matter the type of recreational area you’re fencing in, our expert staff is here to help you. With 50+ years of estimating and employing computer-aided designers, we are fully equipped and staffed to help with your project.

Sports Fencing in Kansas City FAQ

What types of sports fences do we recommend?

Chain link sports fencing in Kansas City has long been the standard for ballfields: durable and cost-effective. We recommend GBW (Galvanized Before Weaving) chain link fabric — namely for its smooth texture, as athletes and spectators are less likely to cut themselves on it. Chain link framework is also capable of supporting windscreen, which is frequently installed around tennis courts and outfield fencing for branding and advertising purposes. Vinyl coated chain link fencing is the attractive alternative to the traditional galvanized chain link fence, placing vinyl coating over the mesh to give it a desired “color.” We offer a number of choices concerning colors for your sports fencing in Kansas City: light green, dark green, black, and brown.

What other types of sports fencing in Kansas City are appropriate for recreational use?

Vinyl fencing and ornamental fencing are commonly used around swimming pools to provide security and boost curb appeal. BOCA code requires a maximum of a 4” gap located anywhere along the fence with a minimum height of 6’ tall for public swimming pools. Another popular choice for Kansas City sports fencing is woven and welded wire mesh systems.  Once primarily used for agricultural purposes, welded wire mesh systems use a heavy gauge horizontal and vertical wire, creating small rectangular shapes.  They are then powder coated in a variety of colors. This application is more aesthetic over chain link. Welded wire mesh systems, popular with swimming pools and aquatic centers, provide a very small opening that does not allow people to easily climb over or pass through debris.

There are many styles of sports fencing to choose from, allowing the customer to customize their fence. Care should be taken to ensure that the style chosen meets code requirements in your area. As the city’s top sports fencing contractor in Kansas City, Overland Park, Mission Hills, Leawood, and the various other surrounding communities, we can help select fencing that conforms to city code while also suiting your needs.