Best in Class Vinyl Fence Materials in Kansas City

Vinyl Fence Durability

Here at AmeriFence Corporation, residential vinyl fences are sold with a limited lifetime warranty to cover damage such as chips, peels, and cracks. If your fence becomes worn and torn after the hot summers and brutal winters we experience here in the Midwest, a warranty has you covered.

Low Maintenance

Fence maintenance such as repaints, staining, and replacement of complete parts are rarely needed when it comes to vinyl. As a homeowner, you want to spend leisure time admiring your fence rather than performing repairs.

Vinyl Fence Colors

As the top fence company in Kansas City, AmeriFence’s vinyl products are cost-efficient and come in a variety of colors. With such a broad selection, it becomes easier for contractors to pick out vinyl products matching their clients’ needs — and for DIYers to get materials befitting their property exterior.


As part of its mission to provide long-lasting vinyl fencing of the highest caliber, AmeriFence Corporation, the #1 fence company in Kansas City, maintains lasting partnerships with Ply Gem Fence & Rail and other reputable vinyl fencing manufacturers. Our vinyl fence materials are designed to resist erosion, sun and rain damage, as well as wood-munching insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Enhanced with a strong degree of flexibility, vinyl fencing is also highly resilient to impacts and, in contrast to materials such as wood and metal, won’t rust or decay with time. Our vinyl products are also backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. Whether you are a contractor or an ambitious homeowner undertaking a DIY project, we have all the materials needed to construct a distinguished, long lasting vinyl fence.

Ply Gem


What is the lifespan of vinyl fence materials?

The only natural change typically observed in vinyl over time is a slight diminishment of its natural sheen. It is a more durable material than, say, wood and ornamental fencing, designed to last a lifetime.

Does vinyl fade as it ages?

No. Although modern vinyl still loses some of its natural sheen with time, it has been manufactured with a chemical formulation that functions similar to sunscreen. This means it permanently reflects the sun’s rays, retains the fence’s color, and thus fading is not an issue.

What is the strength of vinyl? How about the cost efficiency?

One of the major distinctions between vinyl fence materials and ornamental steel or wood is built-in flexibility, which makes these fences especially resilient to impacts — from tossed balls to animals bumping against the fence.

Vinyl is more price competitive compared to wood and ornamental fencing.

How susceptible is vinyl to burning or breaking?

When it comes to the question of burning, the answer is a short and simple no. The flashpoint of PVC is approximately 900 degrees, so even on the hottest days, vinyl fencing will not catch fire. On the other hand, while vinyl is highly resilient to impacts, it can become damaged if subjected to an unusually strong impact — say, an automobile crash or a rock thrown by a lawnmower. The good news is that damaged fence parts are rare when it comes to vinyl, and they can be easily replaced. If you need replacement parts for your vinyl fence in Kansas City, contact AmeriFence Corporation, the city’s #1 contractor.

What is the best way to clean a vinyl fence?

Constant exposure to the elements means vinyl fencing will become stained and dirty with time. Fortunately, cleaning is a simple process in most cases. Typically, all you require for a good cleansing is water combined with a mild detergent. For those more stubborn stains, we recommend Soft Scrub, baking soda, or green and steel wool. When it comes to graffiti, vinyl fencing isn’t fully resistant to this kind of vandalism, though it’s similarly easy to clean with pressure washers or paint thinners. If, at the end of the day, none of the above-mentioned methods pan out, you can try 400 grit sandpaper.

What is the warranty on AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City’s vinyl fences?

Our vinyl fence products come with a lifetime warranty. Don’t expect peeling, chipping, surface cracking, or rot. Be sure to work with reputable contractors with multiple years in the business. You want to collaborate with companies experienced in making repairs and who will be around service warranty.

Does vinyl fencing yellow with time? Will it become brittle in the winter?

If it’s manufactured in high quality like the vinyl available here at AmeriFence Corporation, modern-day vinyl contains titanium dioxide (TIO2) which prevents ultraviolet degradation. What’s more, we’ve partnered with Kroy Vinyl Products for warranty: 20 years against premature discoloration and yellowing.

As for the question for winter damage, vinyl fencing in Kansas City tend to become less flexible when temperatures drop; however, unless subjected to unusual strong impacts, it should not break or crack.

How resilient is vinyl to weed eaters?

Direct contact with lawn and garden equipment has the potential to cause damage to vinyl fence posts. Exercise caution when operating equipment near your fence posts, especially when using commercial trimmers. If you have questions about weed barrier products for when trimming lawns near a vinyl fence, feel free to reach out to us here at AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City.