Best in Class Ornamental Fence Materials in Kansas City

Appealing Fence Designs


Fence contractors and DIY fence builders often put together ornamental fences because of the beautiful, sophisticated appearance. Having an elegant ornamental fence boosts curb appeal and — potentially — property value.

Prefabricated Ornamental Fencing


AmeriFence Corporation designs, fabricates, and sells prefabricated ornamental fence materials under our own unique line, called American Ornamental.

Long Lasting Materials


Resistance to rust and corrosion is one of the major selling points of our prefabricated ornamental fence materials in Kansas City.

Multiple Options on Fence Materials


AmeriFence’s prefabricated ornamental iron panels come in several heights — 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′ — with two options on tops: flat top and spear top.

Ornamental Fence Materials in Kansas City Gallery

It is no mystery why fence contractors and ambitious DIY fence builders in Kansas City often turn to prefabricated ornamental fencing. This fence type not only adds extra layers of security; it also boosts curb appeal and even has the potential to raise property value. Here at AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City, we go the extra mile by having our own line of this type of fencing. Contractors and DIYers who purchase materials under this line have a number of options in terms of the style of fence they will create. Choose between two types of top adornments — flat top and spear top — and heights ranging between 3-6′.

Ornamental Fence Materials in Kansas City FAQ

Do we provide warranty on our prefabricated ornamental iron fences?

Yes. As the #1 fence company in the Kansas City service area — which also includes Overland Park, De Soto, Edgerton, Prairie Village, Westwood, Spring Hill, and Lenexa — AmeriFence Corporation offers 10-20 year warranty on prefabricated ornamental fencing, to cover cracks, chips, and undue fading.

How can I help prevent chipping, peeling, rusting, and fading?

To start, don’t purchase any metal fence materials unless they have been:

  • Galvanized. This process seals against rust and corrosion using a silver-colored, zinc-rich finish. Please note that the majority of paint applications don’t adhere to a galvanized finish unless it has been brush blasted first.
  • Powder Coated. Powder coating consists of powder first applied to the fence and then melted in an oven. It provides a plastic-like surface similar to a candy apple.
  • E-coated. Having 40+ years of steel fabrication under our belt, AmeriFence Corporation stands firm on providing ornamental fence products with these forms of coatings.

Do we recommend field welding for ornamental fences in Kansas City?

Field welding is recommended only when absolutely necessary. In building an ornamental fence, never field weld — or “stick build” — as welds are immediately exposed to the elements (high humidity levels, dew, etc.) which can lead to rust development. Field welds also violate powder-coated finishes and can only be touched up with the manufacturer’s touch-up system. Instead of field welding, we recommend shop fabricating panels with bolt-on connections to the posts.