Custom Ornamental Fence Materials in Kansas City

Professional Fabrication in Kansas City


As a contractor or DIY fence builder undertaking a new project, your first task is to acquire materials of the highest quality. AmeriFence Corporation’s custom ornamental team employs certified professionals who operate out of a top-caliber facility. Handling everything from fabrication to coating, they churn out the custom ornamental fence parts and materials you need.

Fabrication Drawings for Fences in Kansas City


Designs for custom ornamental fencing should never leave customers with questions. For this reason, our trained fence designers provide thoroughly detailed fabrication drawings of each ornamental fencing product before the actual fabrication begins.

Wide Variety of Fence Coatings


Having access to one of the Midwest’s largest media blasting and powder coating operations, AmeriFence Corporation offers a broad spectrum of fence coating options including pearl-essence, patina, and metallic. Pick up the custom ornamental materials best suited for your fence project.

Custom Ornamental Fence Materials in Kansas City Gallery


Looking for high quality fence materials for an upcoming fence project? AmeriFence Corporation distinguishes itself from other contractors in part through our partnership with American Custom Metals, one of the largest custom metals operations in the country. Providing unique custom ornamental products is something we, as a reputable company, set out to do. See the list below for other things that makes us the #1 source for ornamental fence materials in Kansas City:

  • Our 50,000 square foot top-notch facility, equipped with all the necessary fabrication equipment.
  • Professional 6G certified welders, capable of fabricating the most complicated projects.
  • A team of engineers who will not only design your project but assure it structural integrity and longevity.
  • Every design is based on a full set of customer-approved fabrication drawings, leaving nothing unresolved or not addressed.
  • One of the Midwest’s largest media blasting and powder coat operations.
  • Quality control program, putting another set of eyes on your project every step of the way.

Together with American Custom Metals, AmeriFence Corporation fabricated unique products for 50+ years. Our handiwork can be found in almost all of the 50 states: ornamental fence, bridge railings, custom balcony railings, estate gates, architectural screening, and mechanical equipment screen, and slide gates.