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Having worked in the construction fence industry 55+ years — installing more than 100,000 feet of temporary fencing across the continental U.S. — American Fence Rental is the top choice for rental fencing in Kansas City. Our temporary rental fence systems lend the security and protection needed for a variety of projects: construction areas, marathons, weddings, concerts, etc. Customers work directly with our project managers, choosing the correct rental fence option for their individual needs. Our company offers thousands of temporary fence panels, barricades, posts, and fabric — plus many options, including anti-climb and classic chain link temporary fence. We can also customize fencing to the needs of each customer’s project.

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Draw to scale directly over your jobsite on Google Maps or begin from a blank canvas. Either way you can quickly layout your temporary fencing needs for your next project. Once the drawing is complete, select your preferred type of temporary fencing, fill out a short form and our estimators will have all the information they need to give you an accurate estimate.

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