For over fifty years, AmeriFence Corporation has been the Midwest's premier fence supplier and contractor of choice. AmeriFence Corporation is the leading commercial fence contractor in our service areas.

The Kansas City AmeriFence commercial branch also specializes in supplying and installing for our other divisions, including: 

American Access Company
Gate Operator and Access Control Systems

America’s Gate Company
Ready-Made and Custom-Built Gates

American Fence Rental
Temporary Fencing

American Playground Company

Playground Equipment and Furnishings

IronShield Coating

Liquid and Powder Coatings

With our large inventory and custom metal shop, we are capable of designing, installing, and maintaining any fence, access control system, gate, or screening system you need. Contact us today to learn more about our services, financing, and to get a free estimate.

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When you purchase a barrier arm gate, the manufacturer should provide you with some sort of safety information. After that point, it is you responsibility to stick to all the proper standards and procedures. We strongly encourage you to read through and get to know the provided safety information [read more]
Why You Need to Get Heated Photo Eyes
In the winter, your gate is more likely to have issues moving, including opening and closing. Even when the weather heats up a little, there could still be pesky frost forming on your photo eyes. You can try to protect your photo eye with a cover, but no matter what cover you have frost will [read more]
How to Choose a Replacement Gate Operator
After you’ve had your automatic gate for several years, you should begin to wonder when the right time is to replace your gate operator. It’s important that you keep your gate operator up to date so you’re not using an operator that is old or unsafe. Even after you decide it’s time to [read more]
Guide to Inspecting Your Gate’s Brakes
Checking your automated gate's brakes is important for your safety and the safety of anyone who comes in contact with the gate. Brakes need to be checked on gates that get driven or walked through on a daily basis to ensure everything operates safely. The question is, how do you check your gate’ [read more]
Automated Gates: How to Align your Photo Eyes
Questions and problems often arise in the winter when everything freezes, and then thaws back out. Your gate may no longer open and close as it is supposed to. The safety device that is often behind these issues are the photo eyes. Whether it is a thru beam photo eye or a reflective photo eye, the [read more]
Element Architectural Screening is Flexible and Affordable
PalmSHIELD’s Element screening takes your screening to its most basic elements: posts, rails and planks. Element screening is the perfect solution for large enclosures with varying elevations or tight budgets. It allows the installer to quickly and accurately field determine post spacings and he [read more]
Is Your Automated Gate Unsafe?
Whether your automated gate was recently installed or has been installed on your property for years, you may begin to wonder how safe it is and how you would be able to identify if it was unsafe. Sets of standards have been created by gate automation experts that you can reference and follow to ke [read more]
We Offer First-Rate Gate Operator Installations with Our New Certification
The gate access control branch of American Fence Company, American Access Company, has gone back to school! Over the week of November 3rd 2019, American Access Company’s management team attended the AFA’s Operator Installation School. This is a prestigious program that teaches all the imp [read more]