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Fences play an important role in Kansas City’s landscape, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. Security, defining property boundaries, containing children and pets—these barriers fulfill a broad spectrum of functions and services. From wooden picket fences surrounding residential properties to chain link enclosing commercial and industrial areas, fences can be found throughout the city. Wherever you look, there’s bound to be a barrier securing someone’s home or business. Now, when it comes to local fence contractors, AmeriFence Corporation reigns supreme. With our highly trained installers and smooth company-to-client communication, we specialize in excellent commercial fence services.

What fence types can I get in Kansas City?

But which fence type best suits your particular needs? One of the most popular in Kansas City is wooden privacy fencing: a great installation for lending a sense of security and seclusion to your property. Also providing a fine, decorative touch, they’re perfect for homeowners wanting to create a backyard oasis or simply block out unwanted noise and views. Privacy fencing’s likewise great for containing dogs, as they block the sight of distractions (pedestrians, squirrels, other pets). What’s more, their solid build helps prevent escapes. (Not true of chain link, for instances, as dogs have been known to easily climb this material.)

Which is not to say chain link doesn’t have its virtues. On the contrary, it’s another very common fence type, especially here in Kansas City. Instantly recognizable (it’s been a staple since World War II due to their low metal consumption), chain link’s often used in commercial and industrial settings, as their interweaving wires provide a strong, durable barrier that is difficult to climb or cut through. They also increase safety at sporting venues, protecting spectators from incoming projectiles (such as baseballs) and keeping the action contained. Low maintenance and relatively inexpensive, chain link fences are particularly useful for enclosing yards, playgrounds, and athletic venues.

Vinyl fences are also becoming popular not just in Kansas City but around the country. Their accolades include a low-maintenance nature, invulnerability to rust and corrosion, waterproof surfaces, and not requiring regular paint-and-stain jobs necessary of wood barriers. Hence why vinyl’s known as a great option for busy homeowners who want a beautiful fence without the hassle of upkeep. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles, so they can complement any home’s aesthetic.

Ornamental iron fences are a particularly good choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance to their property. Highly durable and able to last for decades with proper maintenance, they’re frequently seen enclosing gardens, swimming pools, and other outdoor spaces. When it comes to fencing in Kansas City, there are many options available to homeowners. Whether you’re looking for privacy, security, or simply want to add a decorative touch to your property, there is a fence that will meet your needs. With so many fencing contractors in the area, it’s easy to find a professional who can help you choose and install the perfect fence for your property.

Why should I hire AmeriFence Corporation for my commercial fence needs?

In addition to the various types of fences available, Kansas City also has many fencing contractors who can install and repair fences. These professionals are experts in their field and can help homeowners select the right type of fence for their property, as well as install it correctly. They can also help with repairs, such as replacing damaged boards or posts, and can advise on regular maintenance to keep the fence in good condition. As mentioned above, AmeriFence dominates the market thanks to our policy of requiring industry education of our installers. Training programs are required before anyone sets foot on their first job site. Our parent company also boasts numerous divisions specializing in fields such as architectural screening, automatic gates, and custom metal projects. We also have, on-site, a massive inventory of PVC, wood, chain link, ornamental iron, etc. and regularly sell to architects, engineers, fellow fence companies, and the occasional Do It Yourself fence-maker!

Our service area is not limited to Kansas City. We also handle commercial fence jobs in Bonner Springs, Independence, Lee’s Sumit, Liberty, Belton, and various other communities.

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