Dog Fences in Kansas City

Homeowners have many reasons for installing fences. While boosting privacy, keeping out intruders, and anteing curb appeal rank among the most common motivations, another key benefit to installing a fence in Kansas City is preventing pets from leaving the yard. Although shock collars linked to electronic barriers are a default choice in this day and age (less expensive and seemingly uncomplicated), actual dog fences come with several advantages not applicable to the electronic equivalent. Having said that, what type of dog fence is the best? Will the fence of your choice also deliver on the other reasons for having a fence (security, curb appeal, etc.)? AmeriFence Corporation, the #1 fence company in Kansas City, answers these questions today!

One preliminary piece of advice: before building a fence, check to see what—if any—restrictions your neighborhood has on fences? Some communities require city/county permits. Others require fence heights and materials that meet the approval of a homeowners association.

What are the benefits of having a dog fence in Kansas City?

As mentioned at the top, the #1 reason for installing a dog fence is to keep pets from wandering off. Physical barriers not only help prevent our furry friends from leaving but also have the potential to reduce their urge to leave in the first place. In many situations, they’re distracted by squirrels or other dogs they see outside the yard. Wanting to chase or play with them, they become antsy and look for a way to escape. This is where a disadvantage to electronic fencing comes in: without a physical barrier, dogs will often just endure a quick shock and race through the fence; once they’re outside the electronic perimeter, the collar stops shocking them, and they’re free to run and roam all they want. If your yard has a physical fence, on the other hand, depending on how it’s constructed, your dog might not even be able to see those distractions occurring outside the yard.

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Another general advantage is freedom for your dog to roam the yard unsupervised. Now your dog can walk about their property without being leashed. Imagine the convenience during the morning when you’re getting ready for work and your pooch suddenly needs to be let out. Instead of leashing and accompanying them—and then hurrying to finish getting ready for your day—you can simply let them out, finish prepping, and let them back in when it’s time for you to leave. Being allowed to walk freely in the yard also allows them superior exercise than if they were leashed in one spot.

Also: some local ordinances require dogs to be leashed or fenced in. So having a proper fence might spare you code violations!

What type of Kansas City dog fence does AmeriFence Corporation recommend?

As the city’s top fence contractor, we sell high-quality fence materials in the following types: wood, vinyl, and chain link. As far as dog fence functionality is concerned, each type comes with advantages and disadvantages, discussed below:

  • Wood Fence Panels. Design plays a huge part in efficiency for keeping dogs in their yard. For homes with small puppies or large dogs with chewing habits, for instance, picket fences are not always ideal. Puppies can squeeze between the pickets and large dogs might have enough bite power and tenacity to chew apart the pickets and be on their way. On the other hand, solid wood fence panels are more difficult to break through; and their impervious build shields from view distractions on the other side.
  • Chain Link Fence Panels. It’s no big mystery why chain link fence panels are the most in-demand form of residential and commercial fencing. Their diamond-shaped mesh permits visibility—providing a friendly atmosphere—while securing the property they enclose. However, for homes with escape-happy mutts, a chain link fence is not so efficient. Determined dogs can figure out quickly how to climb the mesh. Height extensions might seem like a good solution to this problem, but dogs can also figure out they only need to climb a little higher to get over a taller fence.
  • Vinyl Fence Panels. AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City recommends solid privacy vinyl fencing as it’s tall enough to contain even larger breeds and impervious enough to block off distracting sights—all while preserving security and boosting curb appeal. It is also more shock absorbent than wood.

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