Questions to Ask Before Temporary Fence Installation

After you have selected the type of temporary construction fence you wish to install on your jobsite many important factors must be considered.

First of all you must determine the exact location of each fence line. Is the fence line within the property lines and limits of construction? Are there public or private utilities that interfere with the fence line? If so who do you need to contact to locate private utilities?

You also have to figure if new utility service coming into the site will interfere with the fence location. Do you need the fence setback at gate locations for truck access? Will the fence impede vision for turning vehicles using public streets? Are there any city of codes or restrictions in your construction permit with regard to the fence? Do you have enough safe storage space for materials inside the fence? Will the materials be accessible during wet weather? Does your fence layout allow for snow removal?  Do you have a contractor parking area inside the fence? Do the site conditions allow the fence to be installed on top of grade or do you need to do some grading? Is there any vegetation that needs to be removed? As you can see many important items need to be considered before installation can begin.

Addressing these items on the front side will illuminate the need for costly relocation after construction is under way.

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