Welcome to the AmeriFence Corporation's Kansas City website. Our website is designed to help our customers choose a fence design that they will love for years to come. We have a huge online photo gallery filled with vinyl, wood, ornamental and chain link fences.

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American Rental Fence is ready for Construction Season!

It’s construction season!  American Rental Fence is the leader in temporary construction rental fence in the Midwest.  Though we have over ten thousand fence panels rented-out; American Rental Fence has over three thousand panels in inventory in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Nebraska; Rochester,[read more]

At  AmeriFence Corporation Kansas City we want our fences to last for years, but not all fences are meant to be forever, as we also offer temporary fence.  If you’re looking to rent a Temporary Fence System, you’ve come to the right place, we are proud to announce the American Fence Rental C[read more]

    White Fir has been successfully used for wood fencing for over a decade.  Without question, Western Red Cedar is the premier choice for wood fencing however it is expensive.  For considerable less, you can select a White Fir fence picket that will last at least eight plus years[read more]

Secure your site with Temporary Fence and Ultra Latch

Temporary construction rental fence is not so temporary.  AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City uses only top notch quality commercial grade materials in the construction and installation of our temporary fences.  We also use a simple ring design on our panels that makes it easy to modify the [read more]

Ornamental fence for the twenty first century.  Twenty years ago, the majority of residential ornamental fences were stick built.  Stick built is a crude terminology for welding ornamental fence panels in local fabrication shops after attempting to field verify elevations and length of fence runs.[read more]

AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City’s Decorative custom metal adds style and function!

Did you know that AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City provides more decorative custom metals products than any other fabricator in the Midwest?  You can find our custom metals work in some of our most beautiful homes, universities, state capitols and nuclear power plants.  Our work spreads[read more]

Custom Wood Fences from AmeriFence Corporation of Kansas City

Custom wood fences are tricky.  The tried and true solid, shadow box and picket wood fences use proven installation techniques that guarantee a long lasting installation.  Most qualified fence contractors successfully install hundreds of these fences every year.  Materials, fasteners and techniqu[read more]

Check out this AMAZING Custom Wrought Iron Fence!!

  This is definitely in the top ten coolest projects we have done in fifty years.    Congratulations to AFS!  Adam Flogstad demonstrated real vision in his use of symmetry, repetition and balance.  Note the use of the pickets at the bottom of the columns are that symmetrical to th[read more]